Engage your Community

How are you engaging your community?   A critical part of any web strategy requires that you build a relationship with your members and donors. Studies indicate that online giving is higher then direct mail but retention rates are lower.

Monk builds custom member-only websites to seamlessly intergrate into your web strategy.  These private community sites are not simply a 'social network', they are  designed for the unique community needs of non-profits. The community website is designed to move people deeper into relationship with your organization and to encourage behavoirs important to your goals.  The site is designed to encourage behaviors such as:

  • Fostering Relationships with Donors and creating community around their donations.
  • Helping People find opportunities to Serve
  • Managing Events
  • and more.

The tools and resources allow you to track and keep the pulse on what is happening in your community.   We automate much of the administration, so you can spend your time in relationship not administrating.

Contact us to learn how this powerful community system can assist your organization.